Leader in investments in the Maghreb.

PMS is a Spanish leader in investment in the Maghreb.
SPA DISTRIM its subsidiary is a leader in chemical distribution in Algeria.


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PMS International.

PMS Group has, essentially, an exporting vocation. The Group's activity in international trade dates back to 1969 with key countries in the Mediterranean, from Morocco to Iran and Iraq. PMS Group activity provided many Spanish companies a gateway to countries with difficult penetration or considered risky countries.

PMS activity began with the metallurgical and chemical products, in general of Spanish origin. The group has been expanding its business in other sectors (detergents, textiles, paints, plastics, ceramics, glassware, cosmetics / pharmacy) and its divisions and areas: machinery and equipment, engineering projects, consultancy.

The five divisions of activity of PMS have been integrating and consolidating over the years. In parallel, our portfolio of industry suppliers and sources of supply has been increasing to all over the world, first in Europe to continue with Southeast Asia and not forgetting the Americas.

PMS has always sought to find the best prices in an international market that is extremely competitive, without affecting, at all, the quality and compliance standards demanded by our customers and secured by our suppliers.

PMS is implemented locally in the Maghreb countries with local companies with Spanish capital, thus completing, in the form of local currency sales, the commercialisation of products or projects traditionally purchased in trading. These companies are: DISTRIM SPA, ENVEX SPA and DEISA ALGERIE SPA in Algeria and PROCHIMAG Sarl in Morocco.
PMS is also present in Iran with a sales office in Tehran.

Customer satisfaction.
Quality Policy & Enviroment

to our environment.

PMS International, S.L. brings a deep knowledge of products and markets we serve, ensuring quality of service and management to all customers and suppliers.

PMS International, S.L. defines and disseminates its Quality Policy and Environment, which tends to exceed the expectations of our clients and legal requirements due to deep involvement of our suppliers, the Directors and the entire team of PMS International.

This philosophy allows us to improve continuously, being able to act, if necessary, as an export department of one of our suppliers in our markets.

Similarly, we are committed to our environment and we care to respect it by setting our environmental goals.

So it is reflected in our Quality Policy and Environment

Pioneers in certififcations.

PMS has been a pioneer in obtaining the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 for international trade activities of products, equipment and projects

ISO 14001 Certificate
ISO 9001 Certificate